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At Elements4Men we take a tremendous amount of pride in making you look and feel your best. Another aspect of showing how much we appreciate our customers is to maintain a constant line of communication to help keep you engaged. To us, the "Health" begins from within. Your mind and spirit have to be at ease in order for you to perform at your best. Take a look of some of the things we have coming up in 2020:

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Beard Life Weekly Podcast

Exploring politics, pop-culture, cigars, sex, geography, bourbons, brews, sandwiches, and “all things ridiculous". News, reviews, interviews and in depth discussion of issues by members of the bearded brotherhood. You'll think. You'll laugh. A hilarious compilation of thoughts from a couple bearded bastards who give it to you straight up with no chaser!

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Bloggin' While Bearded

Lifestyle (self-improvement, personal and professional growth), Fashion (dressing for specific occasions), Gear (gadgets, cars, technology), Fitness (eating right, working out), Grooming (skin care, personal hygiene, aging,)...this part of our website will be geared toward helping us dress better, be healthier, use our manners, and be better men..

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Best Beard Styles

Beard styles know no bounds. There are so many different shapes of faces, and there are many different types of beards. Full, Short, Five O’clock, Goatee, Chin Strap, Mutton Chop, Anchor- the list is endless. Our goal here is to bring you a random collection of the biggest, baddest beards in their natural habitats.

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T-Shirts and Apparel

What we wear says alot about how we feel and where stand on certain things. From quality headwear, custom branded apparel and hand made clothing that are locally produced right here in the DMV, we'll have you equipped with all the goods to help you stand out while reppin' your bearded existence to the fullest!

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