Bearding 101:

First Things First:

Much like the hairs on your head, beards need care and attention to keep looking good. A healthy beard requires time and patience in order to achieve the best result.The best of beards become an extention of the man wearing it. The goal is to train yours to look feel, look and smell awesome 24/7.


Can You Grow One?

By accentuating the jawline, beards help present a more formidable image, signifying ruggedness and strength. The ability to grow a beard is dictated by the way in which a man's body reacts to testosterone. Unfortunately, some men just can't grow beards, no matter how hard they try. Not being able to grow one isn't a medical issue. It has nothing to do with manliness or virility, and everything to do with plain ol' genetics. If your grandfather or father had problems growing a thick beard then chances are that you may have an uphill battle as well. If you increase your vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Biotin intake it can help you grow a better beard. These supplements have been known to help grow thicker hair but they may also help your beard grow as well. Hey, might as well give it a shot.


Carrier Oil vs. Essential Oils:

The core ingredient to beard related oils or balm is carrier oils. They come from several different types of plants, the most common being jojoba (pronounced ‘ho-ho-ba’), argan oil, sweet almond oil, etc. Their purpose is to nourish your beard. Carrier oils also help make your beard incredibly soft and healthy looking. Essential oil is basically concentrated plant oil. Some are “expeller pressed”, which is the technical term for squished really hard to squeeze out the juices.There are a multitude of essential oils used in beard products to produce different effects and improve or enhance scent. These oils are much more potent than carrier oils, and in most cases should not really be applied directly to your face or beard without being diluted by some kind of carrier oil. Essential oils will leave your beard smelling great with a clean, masculine scent.


Beard Oil:

Beard oil consists of base or carrier oils like almond and grapeseed. On top of the base oils, are the essential oils from plants, flowers or trees, which are responsible for creating the fragrance. Beard oil hydrates, softens and creates an optimal setting for growing a beard. It also prevents dandruff from occurring on a regular basis by getting into the roots and follicles of the hair to produce a very healthy beard. Elements4Men's nourishing Beard Oil contains active ingredients that gently slough off dead, dry, itchy skin cells under beards. Use it to help grow- then groom to absolutely perfection.


Beard Balm:

Beard balm does a great job of keeping your beard hairs stylish throughout your daily activities. The longer the beard the greater the need. Most contain 4 fairly common ingredients: Beeswax (for hold), Butter (like Shea or Cocoa provide ample moisture), Carrier Oil (nourishes follices), and Essential Oil (scent/aroma).The addition of carrier oils like Vitamin E (promotes beard growth) and Lanolin (helps to develop a fuller/thicker beard) are trademarks of a high quality beard balm. These also happen to be primary ingredients in our E4M Beard Balm, which smooths, softens, and conditions unruly beard hair while hydrating the skin beneath.


Beard Butter:

Beard butter is an intermediary between beard oil and beard balm. Its essentially beard balm without the beeswax. As beards are becoming more stylish and seen as both manly and fashionable, it’s becoming common to see beard butter featured as a part of a man’s bathroom arsenal. Our nutrient dense formula contains Shea butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, and Grape-seed oil. These combine to provide a lighter hold than beard balm, but more hydration than you’d get with oil alone. You also get much better moisturizing characteristics on the hair and skin than you get with just oil without the hardening effect from the beeswax in beard balm. And we've got it on deck for you. Order yours today!


How Much Beard Oil Should You Use:

The amount of beard product needed isn’t an exact science -- rather, it depends on the length and thickness of your beard. The less full or thick the less oil you need in order to maintain it. You'll find the perfect amount through trial and error. However, a good rule of thumb is a dime-sized puddle in your palm for beard oil and a fingertip-sized blob for beard balm.


When to Apply Beard Oil:

Generally, the best time to apply a beard oil is right after a hot shower, when the follicles have been softened and your beard is still a little damp. Splash warm water on your face. It will open up your pores to allow dirt out.DO NOT use soap as the vast majority contain chemicals that are too harsh for the face. For best results you want to ensure you’re applying oil or balm on a daily basis especially if your beard is really thick or curly. Combs and brushes are important, but your hands are the best utensils you can use to ensure that you massage the oil deep into the roots of your beard.


Is "Beardruff" a Thing?

Yep, just like it sounds. "Beardruf"f is dandruff that can form on your beard just like dandruff forms on your head – with the same off-putting results. If you don’t keep the skin beneath your beard supplied with nutrients, it will eventually dry up and produce flakes. And no one wants that.

The ideal beard is meant to look shiny and groomed, not flaky, dusty and shaggy. Think of it another way. There’s not a chance that you would let the hair on your head become riddled with dandruff, at least, we hope you wouldn’t. Nor would you shave your hair off just because you have a dry, itchy, flaky scalp. No, you’d treat it with the right shampoo and conditioner, just like you’d treat your beard with beard oil rather than shave it off.


Use a Beard Wash & Conditioner:

A great looking beard is a clean one, and you’re not going to achieve ultimate cleanliness without using a quality beard shampoo or beard wash. We don't recommend washing your beard with regular soap, as it strips it of all the naturally protective sebum (essential moisture naturally found in hair follicles) oils. Aa we said before having a beard requires extra effort and commitment just like anything else of value in this life. The man with that rocking beard has a beard grooming kit filled with quality products – including beard shampoo and beard wash. Try E4M 3-in-1 Beard Wash. It keeps itching, flakiness and dry skin at bay!


Choosing a Beard Style:

Depending on the environment you’re in, your personality or line of work, a rugged looking beard might suit your taste. If you have an office job or interact with the public more frequently, a licensed, professional barber can help enhance and refine your image. Check out our Gallery for a great collection of current beard styles and trends.