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Client Feedback:


Our client partnerships are the most valued, vital aspects of what we do and who we are. Without our clients, our work would have no meaning. We aim to go above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations. We are only successful when our clients are completely satisfied with their purchase.




“This is the first review I ever wrote for any kind of product. I work outside on a loading dock where I'm exposed to the elements all day. Never really thought about using one type of skin care product over another. Since I've been buying Elements4Men Classic Oil my beard don't dry out anymore. My girl is usually my toughest critic, but now even she compliments me on how much softer my skin and beard feel next to hers. Whatever you guys are doing over there keep doing it!"

Melvin "Big Meech" Jones, Warehouse Associate

“My son actually left a bottle of Elements4Men lotion behind when he moved away for college. I was supposed to ship it to him, but never actually got around to it. After running out of my regular brand I tried his, and I've been ordering from you ever since. Cost vs. quality exceeded my expectations."

Will Stevenson, Master Electrician

"The skin under my beard can get real itchy and dry, especially during the colder months. I tried everything from over the counter products to prescriptions all to no avail. Ordered this on a whim just to try it out. I liked the packaging and I was impressed with the information on your website. This has, by far, been the best thing I've done for myself in years! Only wish I had discovered your brand sooner."

Richard Andrews, Audio Engineer

“I like the simplicity of your products. The beard soap smells super clean, & lathers up nicely. The lotion has good texture; It isn't greasy or overly scented like other stuff I've tried. The beard oil is the bomb! Everything hits the right balance between how I wanna feel and what I want to spend. Bottom line? E4M products keep me looking and feeling great! You have a customer in Richmond, Virginia for life!"

Walter DiGiovanni, Designer/Graphic Artist

“Been using Élements4Men products for 2 years now after a co-worker turned me on to your website. I have to say that my first thought was that your products were a little expensive but after using the shower gel, bar soap, beard oil and conditioner I have to say its all been money well spent! Somebody finally made a line of skincare products that I feel were made exclusively for me: Élements4Men!"

Savion L. Dunbar, Licensed Contractor

“I visited my cousin in Philly a few years back and he was using Elements4Men. I tried it and ended up buying some for myself when I returned home. I like how your products hold up regardless of whether its freezing cold or scorching hot outside. I can handle my business knowing E4M is handling its business."

Antonio M. Harris II, Bus Driver

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