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Bearding 101: Frequently Asked Questions


First Things First

Much like the hairs on your head, beards need care and attention to look their best. A healthy beard requires time and patience in order to achieve the greatest result. A well-groomed beard becomes an extension of the man wearing it. The goal is to train yours to look, feel and smell awesome 24/7.

​Can You Grow One?

By accentuating the jawline, beards help present a more formidable image, signifying ruggedness and strength. The ability to grow a beard is dictated by the way in which a man's body reacts to testosterone. Unfortunately, some men just can't grow beards, no matter how hard they try.


Not being able to grow one isn't a medical issue. It has nothing to do with manliness or virility, and everything to do with plain ol' genetics. If your grandfather or father had problems growing a thick beard chances are you may have an uphill battle as well. Increasing your intake of vitamin C, Vitamin A, and/or Biotin may help you grow a better beard. These supplements have been known to help grow thicker hair, but they may specifically help your beard grow as well. Hey, might as well give it a shot.

3 Unhealthy Beard Symptoms & Solutions

Patchy Beard:


The first thing we recommend is to just let your beard grow freely. Most of us don’t give our beards a chance to flourish. After a few weeks when the patches become noticeable, we reach for a razor. If you don’t let your beard grow, it will remain patchy. Its not pretty, but that's a necessary part of the process. How so? It gives your follicles an opportunity to spread out. Consider a multivitamin for an internal boost. Externally, a natural oil blend like our Beard Serum with Peppermint & Tea Tree oils will make your facial hair healthier, stronger and fuller while fixing bald spots. Not all of your hair grows at the same rate. Be patient.

itchy beard
Patchy Beard
Beard Issues

Dry/Itchy Beard:


How your beard feels when you touch it is a direct reflection of the health of the skin beneath it. If your skin is not properly hydrated your beard is going to feel dry as well. Drinking lots of water and making healthy food choices will have the most immediate and significant impact on your skin. Another tip? Develop a daily skin care routine- and be consistent with it. Elements4Men offers a Beard Care System that contains all of the essential elements needed to gently clean, hydrate, moisturize and condition your body from head to toe. Use it to help grow- then groom your beard to absolute perfection.

It Won't Connect:


Stress and sleep are both critical factors in managing your beard health. Stress can make your beard  thin and keep it from reaching its full potential. Try managing stress through exercise, a hobby, or meditation.  A supplement like Biotin will promote new skin and hair growth and prevent hair loss from stress. Regularly sleeping well and getting in your 8 hours of sleep will also encourage testosterone increases. Not sleeping enough can increase a hormone that causes stress (cortisol) the next day, leading to damaged hair follicles. Taking care of YOU is the absolute best thing you can do for your beard.

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