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What's Up Fellaz?! My name is Allante Carlton. I'm the President and CEO of Elements4Men, LLC. You've probably already familiarized yourself with our company, brand and background. Let me share a little more with you about my personal journey.

Many years ago I made a decision to start growing out my beard. I researched companies that offered high quality grooming products at affordable prices. I sought referrals, checking high and low, searched online; even beat my feet seeking brick & mortar establishments. Through that process, I discovered a few businesses that checked several boxes that were important to me- except one.

I was disappointed to find a very limited representation of products that worked for diverse hair textures and skin types. Here I was a regular Joe with a 9-5 and money to spend, but as a consumer I felt left out. There just wasn’t enough cultural inclusivity in the marketplace to convince me to part with my hard-earned dollar. I thought about chucking the idea of growing a full beard.


Underneath all the Viking-like bravado, and "Lumberjack who shaves with an axe" caricatures I still couldn't find a brand I could relate to. Which was frustrating, because all I really wanted to know was how to grow and maintain a full, healthy beard. But I had a thought- since I couldn’t find a lane to fit in...I'd create my own. 


"You don't have to grow a beard. You just have to stop cutting it off." 

- Allante Carlton
Elements4Men Beard Grooming


Over the next 5 years I invested a ton of my own time and resources weeding through complex solutions to a very common question: How can I grow a beard safely and naturally? I mixed and sampled many different combinations of natural oils and butters, until I began to see real results. After achieving sustainable growth in my own facial hair- I am finally comfortable submitting my products to you. At Elements4Men we definitely have placed an emphasis on helping men, particularly those with melanated skin grow big, beautiful beards. However, it's important to note that we seek to be respectful, informative, socially aware and culturally inclusive in everything we do. Being bearded is a Brotherhood, and ALL are welcome to join!

Our website, as well as the vision for our brand, is to remain a work in progress. We've found our niche and want to stay true to the products our customers have come to know and love. In doing so we also take pride in being receptive to new ideas, customer feedback, current research and data that will help us to continue to deliver the best value-for-dollar ratio in the industry. To each every one of my Bearded Brethren- I Thank You for being part of this process!


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