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Just like the hair on top of your head, your beard also needs daily nourishment for healthy growth. Some guys have an easier time with this than others. So we created the following: 


  • Beard Roller Sterilizing Solution: Designed to effectively clean your Beard Roller. Simply spray your beard roller damp and wait 10-15 seconds before using it. 
  • Premium Beard Roller: Our Beard Roller uses 0.25 mm Titanium spindles, which is considered the best and safest length for optimal user experience. Should be used in conjunction with our Beard Management Serum, which provides various effective ingredients to help to grow a healthy and full beard. Please see NOTE below for further instruction on how to use this product. 
  • Beard Serum: Our Beard Growth Serum is designed to help fill in thin and/or patchy spots. It is made of natural ingredients, and contains a proprietary blend of oils and extracts to provide a powerful formulation for beard growth. Helps to maintain a fuller and thicker beard.
  • Face Toner: Effectively draws moisture into multiple layers of your skin for an always hyrdated, never greasy finish. Fights shine all day, tightens pores for smoother-looking skin, and noticeably calms and moisturizes rough, dry, skin.


Beard Growth Rx Kit

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • NOTE: Disinfect the beard roller before EVERY use. For optimal beard growth roll the dermo tool vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the coverage area about 4 - 5 times before applying our Beard Management Serum.

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