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We blend black seed oil which is antimicrobial and similar to tea tree without the estrogen risk, vitamin E oil to help smooth and soften the skin and hair, and sweet almond oil for anti-itch properties. Masculine and timeless, this warm and exotic Bay Rum fragrance is made up of jasmine, rum, citrus and sparks of hearty spice.


What It Does:

Great smell, mild hold and a whole lot of shine is what your beard is craving for! It’s no secret to having a great looking beard, it’s about using the right products! Our beard balm promises to thicken hairs, give a fuller beard effect, moisturise, treats split ends, reduce painful irritations, eliminate nasty flakes, promote healthy faster beard growth, and SO MUCH MORE!


How It Works:

A pea-size of balm is all you need to begin with! Simply work the balm between your hands and just apply to your beard! Any excess residue on your hands can be used on your hair! It’s non greasy and quickly absorbent!

Beard Butter- Bay Rum

$24.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price
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