Want to have healthy skin, a great looking beard and be able to both consistently? Well, this power-packed body/beard/skin nutritive combo is just what the doctor ordered. Start by adding cleaning your facial hair with our Hydrating Beard Wash. Next, infuse the Classic Beard Oil into your damp beard after you shower to leave your beard feeling soft and smelling great. Then gently massage our E4M Beard Butter into your beard to feed the follicles and lock in protection. Finally, prevent dryness and invigorate your skin daily with a lotion that nourishes and repairs yet is non-greasy. You will receive one each of the following:

(1) 8oz Moisturizing Beard Wash
(1) 1oz Classic Beard Oill
(1) 2oz Beard Butter

Essential Elements Trio

$45.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price