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  • Cleansing Charcoal Scrub: Impurities impair skin’s health. Achieve a deep clean by washing away impurities and gently exfoliating with 3 MainBasics shower scrubber loofahs infused with 5% activated charcoal
  • Acne Away: Acne can affect more than your face. Improve pimple-prone skin with your charcoal skin scrubber known to extract excess oils, decrease dirt, and purify pores
  • Secure for Sensitive Skin: When you have sensitive skin, you know some exfoliators only ignite irritation. Scrub your skin securely with your soft, soothing loofah sponge featuring fine mesh
  • Soap-Saving Size: Large loofahs need lots of soap to suds up, much of which ends up down the drain. Save body wash with a 60g exfoliating body scrub loofah that forms a rich lather with less waste
  • 3-Scrub Set: No need to return to a regular washcloth in a month while you wait on a replacement sponge. Your gentle MainBasics skin scrubber comes in sets of 3 for a 3-month supply

Shower Exfoliator 3PK

$16.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Style and Color May Vary

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